Five simple steps toward changing your life.



Hope is a seed planted before you enter the doors at the Fresh Coast Alliance Training Center. We would love to meet you and get you connected with those we call our tribe. Groups are private and maintain a philosophy of what happens in group stays in group. Participants are welcome to bring a friend for personal support.

At the first meeting, staff walks potential participants through an intake process to determine what barriers and concerns might need to be addressed. It is also our opportunity to get to know you and understand how we can help you bring hope to your current situation. Walking in the doors of Fresh Coast Alliance is the first step to making better choices.


Learning is a process of renewing the mind. Fresh Coast Alliance is committed to improving lives through a variety of learning opportunities. We can help participants navigate getting tutoring or their GED, learn responsible money management skills in budgeting classes, and a variety of other life skills needed for successful reentry into the community.

Our 3-week RENEW class teaches participates to Restore.Equip.Navigate.Empower.Work their way back into stable employment.


Serving Together is a job training and simulation program designed to prepare participants for placement in the work force. This time together helps participants transition into our RENEW curriculum and get back to work.

We partner with felony and recovery friendly employers to provide graduates with long-term and sustainable employment opportunities in the Muskegon community.


Healing is a spiritual, mental, and physical process of transformation. Broken histories can be healed and transformed through the love of Jesus Christ. In partnership with God and other mature Christians we can heal from our past mistakes and begin dreaming for a better future.

Many of our staff are Peer Recovery Coaches who facilitate our recovery programs. We also have staff who are returned citizens who have successfully integrated back into their community and become leaders for those who are still returning home. Fresh Coast Alliance staff and mentors are equipped to model and coach choices that lead to health and healing. Their support and wise counsel help participants build skills to heal and transform their lives. Fresh Coast Alliance also offers professional therapy through ACAC (Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Consultants).


History Makers is a unique mentoring group that teaches participants to think differently and help each of us realize we are here to do more than simply take up space. We are here to make history, to leave a mark for the Kingdom that cannot be erased.

We live first in our imagination and second in the natural world. Through discussion and creating dream boards in class, participants learn to live out their dreams and imagination. Made in the image of the creator, we become whatever we consistently gaze upon. Participants focus weekly on renewing the mind and learning how to change the community they live in.