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The reentry experience is unique for everyone, whether a person spends a few months in jail, or decades in prison. Fresh Coast Alliance provides an individualized reentry plan for each participant seeking our help. Plans may include a job, supportive housing, recovery support, new friends, mentoring, education, or simply a good meal and fellowship with people who accept you right where you are today. Wherever you are in your reentry journey, Fresh Coast Alliance is here to help with next steps as we reinvent the reentry process together.


The overwhelming majority of men and women returning from prison or jail have an addiction or are at risk for a relapse. Substance abuse jeopardizes a person’s ability to sustain gainful employment. Successful reentry and successful recovery go hand in hand.

Fresh Coast Alliance employs Certified Recovery Coaches, hosts several weekly recovery meetings, own and operates a substance abuse and behavioral health therapy practice, and assists in the facilitation of referrals to detox and treatment facilities throughout Michigan.



A felony record can be a significant barrier to employment. But it doesn’t have to be. Fresh Coast Alliance has developed strategic partnerships with area employers and staffing agencies to employ men and women with misdemeanor and felony records.

Our participants need reliable work, and employers need good workers. Fresh Coast Alliance’s approach to training and retention solves both problems. We continue to stay connected to both participants and local employers even after the hiring process. This ability to Stay Connected has helped our participants flourish and local employers solve their need to retain the employees in whom they have invested the time to train. Our employer partners believe in our participants with full-time employment and benefit opportunities being the norm not the exception.

Supportive Housing

Safe, affordable, and supportive housing is critical for successful reentry and recovery. Through unique and generous partnerships with a local landlord and a church, Fresh Coast is able to provide supportive living homes within walking distance of our training center and therapy office. We provide a clean and sober living environment that is both safe and welcoming for participating members.

Housing placement is by special application, and members of the housing program either self-pay or may be sponsored for a short time by public or private sources. Each home is supervised by a Certified Recovery Coach. Individual homes may be reentry focused or state licensed for Level II relapse prevention by the Michigan Association of Recovery Residences (MARR). While our homes are not classified as a detox facility, residential treatment facility, or behavioral health facility, we do provide a clean and sober living environment with a focus on relapse prevention in a safe and welcoming environment. All housing placements are in clean and sober homes regardless of their focus on reentry or recovery.

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Fresh Coast Alliance owns and operates Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Consultants, Inc. (ACAC, Inc.), purchased in the fall of 2017. Clinical and professional therapy is vital for helping men and women heal from trauma, mental illness and addiction. Quality and meaningful therapy is available to all of our participants, and to the community. ACAC employs therapists who accept most forms of insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare. The recently relocated Muskegon office is at 1190 E. Apple Ave, one block north of the Fresh Coast Training Center on 1128 Roberts St. Counseling can be an important tool for transformation.


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