Transforming Reentry & Recovery

Hope. Learn. Work. Heal. Dream.



Our Mission at Fresh Coast Alliance

Every year several thousand men and women return from jail and prison to Muskegon County. The overwhelming majority have an addiction or are at risk for a relapse. In 2013, a group of concerned community members were searching for a way to serve the unmet needs in Muskegon. What began as 70x7 Life Recovery Muskegon, a prisoner reentry ministry, has evolved into Fresh Coast Alliance. We are a reentry and recovery collaborative partnering with like-minded churches, businesses and agencies.

We are here to transform the lives of those affected by incarceration and addiction; as we hope, learn, work, heal and dream together in Christ.

We Believe

All are created in God’s image, made for a relationship with Him and with each other.

In a mutual respect for all people and the gifts they contribute to a greater whole.

That broken relationships can be transformed and healed.

Muskegon is a resilient community of churches, businesses, agencies, and people who are dedicated to welcoming returning citizens home where they can become contributing members of their families and a greater community who welcome their unique gifts. Collaboration in community is at the core of our holistic approach to addressing the multi-faceted nature of each participant’s needs. Transformation and healing are available to each participant through a journey of hard work and partnering with other people dedicated to this life-long mission.

In community we can hope, learn, work, heal and dream together to transform lives.



Life is worth living and can get better. Together we can find the strength to make good choices. Fresh Coast Alliance can help with the pieces needed to bring hope for a better life.


Fresh Coast Alliance is committed to helping improve life skills and bridge technology gaps often created by long-term incarceration. We focus on renewing the mind through Biblical principles that guide good choices.


We focus on building relationships with local employers who provide long-term career paths. Fresh Coast Alliance develops a cooperative relationship with our local employers to foster growth and employee retention practices.



Fresh Coast Alliance offers both professional therapy and peer recovery services along with other holistic approaches to healing our spiritual, mental, and physical bodies. We believe healing is a whole person, whole community activity.


God designed each of us with a unique purpose. An amazing future is possible!. Fresh Coast Alliance partners with participants through programming and mentoring to set goals and dream the big dreams that God has planned for each of us.


Here at Fresh Coast Alliance, Christ is our guide.


How It Works

Fresh Coast Alliance is a unique and collaborative, grassroots approach to recovery and reentry. Several thousand men and women return to Muskegon County from prison and jail every year. Many are committed to rebuilding their lives, but struggle with addiction, joblessness, and related barriers. Your help transforms these returned citizens and community members into partners in Muskegon’s transformation.    


Work brings dignity to people. Knowing and embracing God’s purpose for work offers a long-term solution to issues that plague our community. Returned citizens consistently face barriers to employment. Programming at Fresh Coast Alliance is designed to provide the tools necessary for successful employment and support for successful living to people whose backgrounds include significant barriers to full-time employment.


Recovery from multiple types of addiction is addressed through mentoring groups at Fresh Coast Alliance. Wherever you are on your path we have a place for you to let it out and be RAW, focus on Relapse Prevention strategies, or ROC it out Recovery on Christ style in fellowship.

Supportive Housing

Fresh Coast Alliance offers supportive housing programs to assist participants in making the transition from incarceration or addiction back into the community. We provide a clean and sober living environment that is both safe and welcoming for participating members. Housing placements are limited and not currently included as part of every participant’s program requirements.


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